A world history of the rise of the Egg at Easter…

Eggs have been a symbol of rebirth since ancient times, but it was Mesopotamian Christians who first adopted them as an Easter food. The early Christians were the first to decorate eggs, turning them red to represent the blood of Christ. Eastern Europeans took egg decorating to an absolute art form, creating delicate wax relief designs in shells to give to friends and family members.

In both the US and in Britain, eggs are often dyed and used for hunts and rolls. Probably the world’s most famous egg roll, first taking place in 1878 as a pet project of the then First Lady, Lucy Hayes, occurs on the lawn of the White House.

In Britain, the tradition dates back hundreds of years, and there’s an annual competition at Holcombe Hill near Ramsbottom every Good Friday.

The custom of giving chocolate for Easter first appeared in the Victorian age. New technology, developed by the Cadbury factory in England, allowed manufacturers to create hollow sculptures made of chocolate, instead of painstakingly applying layer

after layer of chocolate to individual moulds – thus creating the form of Easter Egg which we know and love today.

Today Easter Eggs are popular worldwide. It is believed that in the UK alone up to 80 million Easter Eggs will be sold!

The world’s most expensive Easter Egg was a Fabergé-style chocolate treat which cost £25,000. The eggs weighed about 100kg and paid homage to the bejewelled 19th century designs – often given as gifts by the Russian Tsars to their loved ones.  Handcrafted by the Brighton firm, Choccywoccydoodah.

For those of you who would like to send an Easter Egg to London Talent HQ, here are the ones we boiled it down to! Not only do these look delicious but they cost far less than £25K.

Big Easter Egg – Classic Ostrich Egg

Half 40% milk chocolate, half 50% milk chocolate extra-large egg, plus milk, dark, white and caramel recipes. This Big Easter Egg is over a kilo of chocolate!

Big Easter Egg – Classic Ostrich Egg £80.00                                                                                                         

Moo Free Easter Egg

Award winning, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe this egg is made from Moo Free’s award winning, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe. The shell has then been infused with crunchy pieces of vegan friendly and gluten-free honeycomb toffee. Stocked by Holland and Barrett and Sainsbury’s.

Sarah Barber Easter Egg

 Sarah Barbers Exquisite handcrafted eggPriced at £35, the egg will be available from 19th March to 1st April at the Papillon at Hotel Café Royal.

London Talent International will be giving away one hand made chocolate Easter egg by London’s most celebrated Executive pastry chef Sarah Barber of Hotel Café Royal. An exquisite handcrafted egg, glazed with the finest French Valrhona chocolate and sprayed in red cocoa butter. This luxurious creation is decorated with delicate chocolate feathers painted gold and measures 7.5 inches. The egg will house a collection of delicious white chocolate and raspberry truffles within.

To try your luck all you have to do is share this blog and we will pick a person at random.

Have a great Easter and Enjoy the long weekend.