Goodbye Ed Sheeran and a charitable birthday: a year of success for Lizzie Earl and Munch

Lizzie Earl - Munch 2

“At Munch, we realise that our campaigns will often be the only marketing a client is doing, so we really have to deliver,” explains Lizzie Earl, ex-Disney PR whizz and owner of Munch. “Our ability to think strategically, expertly craft the right story and our never–ending tenacity means we always will.”

Lizzie was talking to Gorkana, who had understandably sniffed out the fascinating story of Munch’s first year of operation.

In October, the London-based PR agency marked its first birthday by launching a range to charity t-shirts that gave back to the firm’s local area via  Hackney Giving. The shirts poked fun at common agency jargon, and featured tops adorned with phrases such as “reach out”, “touch base” and “low hanging fruit”.

“What better way to celebrate our company’s first year than in a creative way that pays homage to the funny language of our industry and gives back to the area we work in?” Lizzie told the Hackney Gazette.

The Munch founder has enjoyed a startlingly impressive career so far, and, much like Sophie Michell’s rise to culinary fame, we love to hear how ladies of this calibre continue to set the world alight with their business ventures in London.

Plying her trade in big agency firms, Lizzie made her mark in-house at Disney, and during roles at Frank, Freud and Golin London (and Hong Kong!).

We recently asked Lizzie how she sees the future for Munch shaping up.

“We can’t wait for our second year at Munch. In the past twelve months we’ve delivered some highly creative campaigns and achieved outstanding results; from turning children’s imaginations into virtual reality for the first time, to knocking Ed Sheeran off the number one spot (twice) with an unknown artist in just three weeks.

“Our work is earning us a reputation as an agency that get results which make a real, lasting impact on businesses. We’ve worked with big brands through to start-ups and everything in between and are proud to be Seedrs recommended consumer agency for its alumni club of founders.”

The achievements of Lizzie’s team in twelve short months are staggering, and it’s therefore no surprise to hear they’re looking to further promote unknown talent and work with cool new brands.

So, what does 2018 hold for Munch?

“Next year we will be looking to continue our growth,” says Lizzie. “We have a fantastic team of highly tenacious, smart and creative PRs at Munch – the perfect combination – and will be looking to bring more exceptional talent into our fold and continue delivering fantastic work for our current clients and more brands beyond.”

In a recent column for PR Week, Lizzie explained why boutique agencies were critical to the future of PR, describing how important it is to demonstrate the power of PR to challenger brands in the cost-per-click era.

“Nimble and hungry, boutiques are in a perfect position to ‘wow’ new brands,” Lizzie told the publication. “Not just with great value for money and shared values, but with highly creative ideas executed at warp speed and delivered with a personal touch.”

To find out more about Munch, I highly recommend visiting their fab website.