London Talent gets lucky

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” is a saying by Seneca that I just love. I often ask people I meet to tell me what they want in their careers ‘off the record’, because that approach enables the mind to tune in much more quickly to connecting opportunities.

London Talent INTL’s ability to spot and place natural talent is on record, and in many cases will provide people with the opportunities they need to realise their ambitions.

For example, on a chance night out many years ago, we spotted none other than Guillaume Glipa, who came to us from Coya specifically for the Restaurant Manager role at Chiltern Firehouse (we advocate as many late nights out as professionally possible, because we feel it’s absolutely the best way to meet hospitality people).

As one often finds in recruitment, timing is everything, and we knew when we met Guillaume at Kingly Club in 2009 that he had incredible appeal. Yet, he was doing just fine where he was. Of course, we knew we could offer him something on a different level many years later, and for our clients he was the perfect candidate. To be honest we were extremely lucky he was open to hearing us out on what we had to offer!

Glipa left Chiltern Firehouse and took the role of Executive Director for Birley Group overseeing the re-opening of Annabel’s this year (2017).

Are you ready to get lucky with London Talent?

LTI are currently looking for key positions including Executive Chef, F&B Director and Restaurant manager as well as the all-important maître D and host positions from across London, Europe and the U.S.

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Guillaume Glipa

Guillaume Glipa: the Frenchman who ‘rules London’s nightlife’, spending time in the capital recently (images courtesy of Mr Porter).