New Year, Change Gear!


Rev it up, people! As 2018 rolls in, we know that people all over the world take stock of their lives, careers and current positions at work. It can be scary and inspiring all at once making that move, but we would love people with passion for hospitality to make contact with us early on. 

Life isn’t about just any old job anymore. Our waiting staff are DJs, designers, models, musicians, artists of all kinds and wannabees!

Our bartenders are botanists, scientists and mostly mad as a box of frogs! Our chefs are environmentalists, marathon runners and coffee-fueled makers of magic.

People have a wide spectrum of dreams that they wish to fulfil. We wholeheartedly support and encourage a workplace that allows people to earn a decent living so they have the time to chase all of their dreams, be themselves, and develop some serious skills along the way.

Who knows – you may love it and stay!

For The Standard Hotel please apply to

For all positions with all clients please apply to